Corporate Social Responsibility

Companies & Organisations are increasingly becoming aware of the impact they have on the wider community and the positive impact that they can have. Many businesses are now developing a Corporate Social Responsibility policy, illness which looks at all the ways in which your organisation can have a positive impact.

We can work with you to see how you would like to develop your CSR, by looking at your workforce, your current community contacts, discuss how you feel your company could best contribute and then to explore the various options.

Some strategies that are popular include:

  • Fairtrade status – Your company can help to make the world a little better by ensuring workers in the developing world receive a fair wage, along with their family having access to healthcare and education. Fairtrade also pays an environmental premium to make the products more environmentally-friendly.

  • Free Fruit Bowl & easy to access water – Keeping your workers healthy & hydrated not only helps them in life, but also improves productivity. You can take this further by sourcing local, organic produce where possible and Fairtrade as a minimum for products produced by developing countries.

  • Charity Fund Raising – Backing a local charity and supporting your staff to undertake fundraising events is a great way helping the local community and showing yourself as a friend to the community.

  • Car Share Scheme & Sustainable Transport – Journeys to and from work are generally not considered as part of a company’s environmental responsibilities; but it does have implications on the local community in terms of congestion and poor air quality. Therefore a car share scheme, along with promoting more sustainable transport; can benefit employees through reduced living costs, healthier, less stressed and happier to be part of a sustainable future.

Companies who are vocal about their contributions to the environment, for example by social media, send out a positive image that impresses clients and attracts the best applicants.


Corporate Social Responsibily