SAP Ratings for new dwellings

Here at Sustainable Services, ed we start the ratings process by evaluating the project to fully understand the requirements and the regulations that it needs to achieve or if there are additional planning condition requirements need to be met in order for the project to achieve a Code for Sustainable Homes / Home Quality Mark rating.

From this assessment and your development’s plans and specification, sildenafil Sustainable Services will deliver initial SAP ratings. As part of our service, we will advise on how best to achieve compliance and meet any regulations.

Considerations for Code for Sustainable Homes & Home Quality Mark

Sustainable Services aim to maximise any dwelling potential in relation to Sustainable Homes & Home Quality Mark scoring. In order to do this, we will undertake a daylighting analysis prior to any energy rating analysis. Unlike our competitors, this is standard feature in our service.

Understanding SAP Ratings & Energy Performance Certificates

The Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) calculation considers the energy demand for space heating, hot water, lighting and electricity for pumps & fans. In order to do this, it considers the U-values for the floor, walls, roofs, windows and doors; along with the air permeability rate, thermal bridging, heating system, heating controls, renewable technologies, thermal mass and the type of lighting.

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) give information about a home’s energy efficiency and CO2 emissions, and includes a rating which grades them from ‘A’ to ‘G’. An ‘A’ rating is the most efficient, while ‘G’ is the least efficient. As all homes are measured using the same calculations, comparisons between different properties can be reviewing easily.

Benefit from savings by investing in our air testing services at the same time

Sustainable Services offer discounts on services should you wish to combine your SAP & EPC testing with air testing.

Why not combine this service with our Sealant services?

Our professional sealant service provides a high quality finish to your project, as well as ensuring the dwellings are air tight during construction.


SAP Ratings for new dwellings