Part G Water Calculations

Water Calculations are designed for anyone involved in the design and construction of new homes. These calculations demonstrate compliance associated with the consumption of domestic water, buy energy and waste water treatment, giving insight into how cost savings can be made and sustainability goals can be met. Our expert team will fully project manage this, offering advice and guidance throughout the process.

What is Part G – Building Regulations?

Part G covers a number of Building Regulation requirements including but not limited to; sanitation, hot water safety & water efficiency. For the purpose of water efficiency, it sets out a whole building standard of 125 litres/person/day for domestic buildings. This comprises an internal water use of 120 litres/person/day and an allowance of 5 litres/person/day for outdoor water use. Assessment under Part G Building Regulations does not apply to extensions. It may however apply to conversions or renovations where ALL the plumbing is being replaced.

How do we tackle Water Calculations?

Whatever your requirements, our expert team will provide practical recommendations in the form of design specifications, to help ensure compliance is met.

Our recommended specifications will vary from site to site and will depend on your requirements. Obviously, if a development is required to achieve Code for Sustainable Homes Level 5, then its water specification may differ considerably from a Code for Sustainable Homes Level 3 specification, for example. However this may not always be the case and that’s why our expert team will assess each building and make specific recommendations relating to that project.

Water Consumption Specification

  • Part G (Building Regulations) – ?125 litres/person/day
  • CSH Levels 1-2 – ? 120 litres/person/day
  • CSH Levels 3-4 – ? 105 litres/person/day
  • CSH Levels 5-6 – ? 80 litres/person/day

Part G Water Calculations