Interim Sealant Service

Sustainable Services provides a professional sealant service from our team who have 17 years of experience in the industry.

Sustainable Services ltd will liaise with the development Project Team, try to ensure we meet site time scales and ensure the right mastic colours are used.

Sustainable Services Ltd will liaise with site team on site, order to carry out the following:

  • Seal cavity closers and internal opening frames with silicone to stop air leakage.
  • The gap between the intermediate floor and external wall blockwork to be sealed with expanding foam to stop the air flow.
  • The ceiling plasterboard to be sealed against the external wall blockwork with silicone to stop the air flow from loft space.
  • Discuss with the site team the areas that cause issues with air testing, discuss and provide a guide on effective air tightness sealing, along with site checklists. Make clear they can contact our team if they have any queries.

We also provide a professional Internal Finishing Sealant Service and External Sealant Service.


Internal Sealing