Interim Air Test Sealing

What is it and how we can help?

Air tightness is a measure of how often air inside a dwelling is changed with air outside through gaps, cialis usa holes and cracks. It is a measure of the performance of a building and essentially refers to the rate of air leakage. It also reflects the energy efficiency of a building, as air that has been warmed using the dwelling’s heating source is being lost and replaced by unwanted colder air from outside. Increasing air tightness through good construction practices reduces air leakage, thus increasing the building’s performance and energy efficiency. Of course, a supply of fresh air is crucial to help prevent damp and to enable occupants to breathe, but a well-designed home built correctly can provide a good and effective level of air permeability.

Sustainable Services provides an in-house BINDT-registered and certified air tightness testing when your project in nearing completion. This test will disclose if the property is experiencing unnecessary air leaking. Should air leakage be diagnosed, our one stop service allows us to seal and re-test quickly and effectively. Our fees for air tightness testing are very competitive, and demonstrate our commitment to helping our clients achieve their goals within budget. We have also invested in high-quality equipment and assessment training, to ensure that you receive the most accurate results.

How is it tested?

All external doors and windows are closed, and all internal doors are opened. A large fan is placed in a suitable opening and turned on, forcing air into the building and pressurizing it. The results of the test reflect the difference between the pressure forced in and the pressure actually recorded within the building.


Interim Air Test Sealing