Home Quality Mark

The Building Research Establishment (BRE) has launched a Sustainability Assessment & Certification Scheme called the Home Quality Mark (HQM). The HQM follows on from the Code for Sustainable Homes and looks to combine quality with sustainability.

The assessment continues throughout the project from design and construction through to post completion.

The HQM is graded from one to five stars, cialis buy where a five star rating representing the highest standards in quality and sustainability.

Sustainable Services’ HQM service is provided across three stages:


An initial assessment based on drawings and information supplied by the project team. Sustainable Services will be proactive in reviewing requirements for the Home Quality Mark and offer advice and recommendations on our findings. We will work closely with the Project Team and issue our own pre-assessment reports.

Design Stage:

We work closely with the project to ensure that the development meets the mandatory criteria to achieve the Home Quality Mark. During this stage we also provide the daylighting calculations and water calculations.

Post Construction Stage

Sustainable Services will undertake a site inspection at near-completion stage to ascertain due diligence. Following this visit, viagra sale we submit all the evidence assembled for final certification.


Home Quality Mark