Code for Sustainable Homes

What is the Code for Sustainable Homes?

The Code for Sustainable Homes is a national standard for sustainable design and construction of new homes. The code aims to limit the environmental impact of a new build dwelling. It measures a new build as a whole and promotes higher standards of sustainable design above the current minimum standards set by building regulations. Accredited Assessors measure the new dwellings against nine categories of sustainable design; energy / CO2, treatment water, view materials, surface water runoff (flooding and flood prevention), waste, pollution, health and well-being, management and ecology.

To achieve a Code Level Rating, points are accrued across all nine categories and the mandatory requirements must be met. Based on the number of points received, a rating is awarded to the dwelling (one star being the lowest level that could be achieved up to six stars as a maximum level).

Sustainable Services is fully licensed and accredited Code for Sustainable Homes assessors. We offer a service which is tailored to your development that best fits your needs. Every project is unique, so therefore we consider the individual requirements of each development and project team, ensuring a comprehensive service every time. We have provided consultancy to many sites all with very different requirements and varying ratings from Code Level 3, right up to Code Level 6.

Our Code for Sustainable Homes Assessment Services are provided across 3 stages:


This stage is an initial assessment based on drawings and a discussion with the project team. During this stage we look at the site’s requirements for the Code for Sustainable Homes and provide detailed advice and guidance. We often provide this assistance during a Design Advice Meeting, where usually all the project team are present and we also issue our own Pre-assessment reports.

Design Stage

We work with the project team to ensure that the development meets the mandatory and desired credit criteria and also verify that all evidence provided is updated to achieve the Code for Sustainable Homes. During this stage we also provide the daylighting calculations and water calculations.

Post Construction Stage

We collate all outstanding evidence and undertake a site inspection at near-completion stage. Following this visit we submit all the evidence assembled to our accreditation body for final certification.

We offer guidance and training to those who wish to know more about the Code for Sustainable Homes. Further information about this can be found in the training section of this website.

At Sustainable Services Ltd, we can provide assistance with the whole CSH process, should it be required. We work with selected and trusted partners and oversee the completion of specialist reports, surveys and. These include a Code compliant Ecology Survey and Reports, Landscaping Drawings, Drainage Appraisals, and Flood Risk Assessments (to PPS25).


Code for Sustainable Homes