Air Pressure Testing

Sustainable Services are a specialist provider of air pressure testing and certification. As experts in this field, shop our assessors can guide you through this process. We can also provide training to site staff on how to make a dwelling sufficiently airtight.

The Part L Regulations now require air testing for new-build dwellings and buildings. On most sites, each dwelling is tested due to the ‘average +2’ rule, but we can work with you to determine the best and most cost-effective solution.

Unlike other testing bodies, Sustainable Services will provide a fully integrated service – we assess, seal, test and certify in one hassle-free service saving you time and money.

Save time and money. Combine air pressure testing with our SAP & EPC service.

When air testing services are taken at the same time as our SAP & EPC services, we are happy to offer a discount on both services. As well as cost saving, this will ensure a consistent, professional process from the start, so everyone is clear of what needs to be achieved.

Why not combine this service with our Sealant services?

Our professional sealant service can help your dwellings have a high quality finish, but also our interim service can help to ensure the dwellings are air tight during construction.

Why is Air Testing needed?

All dwellings and buildings leak to some degree and ventilation is required to keep occupants and the building healthy. However in the past, dwellings have been constructed with significant air leakage (on top of the ventilation) and this is causing excessive heat loss, resulting in high CO2 emissions and resulting in additional costs for the occupants due to boilers working harder t to heat all the cold air infiltrating the dwelling. We can help you avoid this through our testing and advice.


Air Pressure Testing