About us

Your partner for an ethical world

Set up in 2008, find Sustainability Services Limited is an independent organisation providing a total solutions to businesses throughout the UK. Our team of expert consultants will consult and to deliver ethical sustainability solutions and management system certification with ongoing training to commercial businesses and the public sector.

We believe that every business should consider how they impact on the environment and that they should look to ensure that processes, buy product and manufacturing adequately meet current environmental, ethical and sustainability concerns. Here at Sustainable Services, we understand that can sometimes look like a daunting task. Our industry experts will actively manage and to support businesses – reducing costs and time – in identifying, understanding and implementing best practice in relation to sustainable responsibility.

Our ethos is be honest and transparent with information, to build customer trust and show integrity at all times. We are independent and impartial and don’t sell any products or services or have any affiliations with any companies or organisations that do. If you’d like to discuss how your business could benefit from our services, feel free get in touch HERE or call the offices to speak to the team.

  • Name: Neil Franks
  • Position: Director / Principal Sustainability Consultant
  • Skill Set: Air Pressure Tester, Code for Sustainable Homes Assessor, BREEAM Assessor, BREEAM Accreditted Professional, Energy Assessor (SAPs & EPCs for new-build) and now Sealant Applicator Trainee.
  • Phone Number: 07515287741
  • Email: neil@sustainable-services-ltd.com
  • Interests: Between spending time with my children; I have been making my house & lifestyle more sustainable and also Chair the local Green Party.
  • Name: Jennifer Christian
  • Position: Sustainability Consultant
  • Skill Set: Code for Sustainable Homes Assessor, OCDEA Energy Assessor, Auditor & Consultant of ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems, OHSAS18001 Health and Safety Management and ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems, Sustainability Statements and planning advice.
  • Phone Number: 01905 797 602 / 07446 271 276
  • Email: jennifer@sustainable-services-ltd.com
  • Interest: In my spare time I enjoy horse riding, as well as swimming and playing badminton. I am currently also studying for my Masters degree in Environmental Law
  • Name: Craig Clegg
  • Position: Air Pressure Technician/Sealant Applicator
  • Skill Set: Air Pressure Tester, Professional Sealant Applicator
  • Phone Number: 07480 842 928 / 01905 797 602
  • Email: craig@sustainable-services-ltd.com
  • Interest: Between juggling work and twins, I enjoy going running, watching any sports, and catching up with friends and family.
  • Name: Wanda Nicklin
  • Position: Sustainability Consultant
  • Skill Set: Energy Assessor, Code for Sustainable Homes Assessor
  • Phone Number: 01905 797 602
  • Email: wanda@sustainable-services-ltd.com
  • Interest: Badminton and swimming.