Code for Sustainable Homes ENE6: External Lighting changes

October 18, 2011 4:09 pm

The criteria that demanded the provision of dedicated energy efficient fittings in order to gain credits under the Code for Sustainable Homes ENE6: External Lighting issue has been removed from the November 2010 version of the Code for Sustainable Homes with immediate effect. It is now acceptable to only provide energy efficient light bulbs to gain the required credits. This change has been implemented in line with recent EU regulation changes, buy more about ed which relate to the phasing out of traditional, cialis 40mg inefficient light bulbs.

The aim of the CSH ENE6 issue was to save both energy and CO2 emissions, drug but using newer, more efficient light bulbs achieves this aim without having to spend out on the more-expensive, dedicated fittings.

Not only will this save money for developers and occupiers, it also acknowledges both recent technological advances and low energy lighting solutions. The number of credits awarded for this issue can now be based upon the percentage of energy efficient light bulbs provided within the dwelling.