Code for Sustainable Homes ENE3: changes to Internal Lighting issue

June 6, 2011 4:12 pm

The Code for Sustainable Homes used to stipulate that ‘dedicated’ energy efficient internal light fittings must be provided in order to gain the required credits. The purpose of this was to reduce both energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Now, tadalafil because traditional, inefficient light bulbs are being phased out as part of recent EU regulation changes, the aim of energy and CO2 reductions are being achieved without the need to fit dedicated fittings, and is now fully integrated within Building Regulations.

The bottom line now is that energy efficient light bulbs are acceptable, instead of dedicated energy efficient fittings.

To save developers and occupiers money, and to acknowledge both recent technological advances and low energy lighting solutions, this issue has been removed from the November 2010 version of the Code for Sustainable Homes with immediate effect. The number of credits awarded for this issue can now be based upon the percentage of energy efficient light bulbs provided within the dwelling.