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sustainable services construction

Sustainable Services Construction


We are experts in sustainability certification for the construction industry. We deliver a 360 degree, cheap one stop solution for commercial, online non-domestic or residential projects. We will ensure that your building development meets the all the legislative requirements – and this is where we differ from our competitors. From assessing SAP ratings, SBEM calculations right through to…

sustainable services management systems

Sustainable Services Management Systems


We specialise in the deliverance of environmental, quality and health and safety systems to businesses. Accredited to work with large corporations and SMEs, we can help you to achieve the relevant ISO certification cost effectively, with little disruption. From implementation, certification, training and continued support, our consultants will develop a bespoke and…

Sustainable Services News

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(Proposed) Feed-In Tariff (FIT) Cuts

News of falling photovoltaic (PV) panel prices reached MPs in March 2011 who did nothing to slow the booming levels of PV installations until end of October. When they did finally act, search it was with a knee-jerk consultation that set a 12th December 2012 deadline, proposing that there would be a reduced rate of… View Article

Code for Sustainable Homes ENE6: External Lighting changes

The criteria that demanded the provision of dedicated energy efficient fittings in order to gain credits under the Code for Sustainable Homes ENE6: External Lighting issue has been removed from the November 2010 version of the Code for Sustainable Homes with immediate effect. It is now acceptable to only provide energy efficient light bulbs to… View Article

The state of solar PV worldwide

The solar industry worldwide is being shaken up: BP Solar has been terminated because it “can’t make any money” from selling panels; Shell has sold a major part of its PV module production to a German company and has discontinued its solar rural business in the developing world; panel maker Solyndra has sought financial protection… View Article

Code for Sustainable Homes ENE3: changes to Internal Lighting issue

The Code for Sustainable Homes used to stipulate that ‘dedicated’ energy efficient internal light fittings must be provided in order to gain the required credits. The purpose of this was to reduce both energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Now, tadalafil because traditional, inefficient light bulbs are being phased out as part of recent EU regulation… View Article